Friday, March 2, 2012

I iz bac

No time to blog rite now. I hav to pee!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tiz Boscoe again


Hi all, it is me da Bosman again tonight. I couldn't sleep because people told my momo my english is not good. I am practicing while my momo sleeps. I am sorry dat my blogs was hard to read. I promise to do better. I just have to type slower. I tought I would introduce you to my family.


Dis is my sistah and her frend holding the bad twins. One of whome is loosing his nuggets on monday. My sistah is evil, but I love her anyway. She shaved a smiley face on my butt!


My sistah is going to be going away to da Army soon. Here she is enjoying da gas chamber in basic training. Doesn't look like much fun to me, I will stay here and chew on my bully sticks.


And here is da little hairless one dat walks on two leggs now!!!


Dis is my brudder. He is good to me most of da time.


Dis is my best friend, Zeke.

Well, I am going to bed wid my momo. Good night.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

seasure and oder stuf

I is bak. I had a seaure a wile ago. Momo satted on da fwore and cwide and eben stade home fwom pewgatowy wit me. I ben fine sinse den, but mom watches me awot. Da gude ting is I gits wots of hugs and tweets. So if you wants to be tweeted wike a king, get yous's seeing tings aww buggy, yous hearing tings all funny wooking and wok aww cwazy. Wooked fow me.

Da haiwwess one dat is smaww is up on two fweet now. It is heww on da Zeke and me. An da haiwwess one dat is on two fweet gos fast on fow feet too. It cawwys da empty boddles awound and hits Zeke and me if we do nawt moove fawst enof. BUT da haiwwess one eats (and sometwimes weaws) deeze puffy tings dat is gud ta eats. Den Zeke and I stay pwetty cwose in case it dwops dem. Den we zoom in and eats dem.

I ober herded momo on da tawkin ting about one of the ebil bwak tings. It wiww be goin to da nice wady to get its "nuggets" wemoved. I waffed at it becawse dad is one cwuwess ting. It tinks it going to da spa. I had nuggets oncte and da godded wemoved. I waf in its diwection.

Da ebil bwak ting id weww ebil. Once mownin I was twiing to wakes up and it gots in ma face. I snapped at it and it wan away, but water onded it snuk up on me and hitted my butt and wan!!!! I do not wike the ebil bwak tings.

Weww, I hab to go now. Potty time. I do want to say a special hello to da mawvalus Mawtha!!! You's is beeuteeeful.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The tweats

My momo made me's angwy today. I woke up with da alawm clock and hoppeded out of bed. Wan down da staiws to da cat potty woom to have a snack. Momo yelleded at me's and tolded me to come back up da staiws. So I did not get my snack that da cats make each night fow us. I gave hew the stink eye, but she didnt cawe. I twied to tell hew dat da cats wowk hawd to make da tweats fow us dogs.

Da small haiwless one is making the loud noises. Momo says he's is tiwed. When I is tiwed I don't make dos loud noises, I's just cuwls up and sweeps. Anyway goodnight.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The hairless one that is small

In my live in pwace we have fouw big hairless ones a small hairless one. One of da big hairless ones is my momo, da odew is my dada, den dewes my seeeestew and da one dat is with my seeeestew. Da small hairless one walks like us dogs, but den when neaw any of da setty stuff it stands on its hind legs. Da othew day I was busy making suwe dat none of da big hairless ones choked on da food dey was eatin and all of a sudden da small hairless one came up to me on it's fouw legs..... it gwabbed at me and I wan past it. Da odew hairless ones just laughed and did not cage up da small hairless one. It chased me sevewal times and da others just laughed hawder. I was ascawed! When da small hairless one catches me it pinches which no one laughs at. I can't figure out da hairless ones. I do like the small hairless one when it eates what dey call "puffs". I clean up aftew it when it drops puffs. Sometimes it drops puffs to me on purpose.

I do loves me hairess ones. Dey let me out in da fwee space to do what dey call "dog business". I do not cawes about going out in da fwee space!!! It is cold out dere. Some times dere is white stuff on da ground, some times dere is water falling from da above place. I no need to go out dare to do dog business, in fwont of the squak box is fine wid me, but when I do dog business in fwont of da squak box it makes my momo mad at me. Da big hairless ones do know where to scritch da Boscoe dog in all da right itchy pwaces. But den day laugh when me's bottom teef show because I waise me nose because it feews gude. My momo wets me sweep wiff her. I cuwls up by her to stay wawms. I made hew faw out of da bed pwace the udder nite. It was funny.

Den der is Zeke. He is my bestest fwend. We pway bitey face, we do da bt500, and we hump for da dominance. (He needs to wern dat I am da top dog.) I wiw tell you a secwet abowt Zeke, he wuvs to wick me undew and weaw pawts.

Weww dat is aww fo now. Me needs to cuwl up and go back to sweeps.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's morning

Hi friends. It's me Boscoe. I'm going to be telling you about my days and what goes on and what I think about stuff. I am new at this so please bare (heehee) with me while I learn.
This is me: Photobucket